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Announcing Hearts of Darkness Clothing Co. – Heavy clothing for people who love to wear black.

It all started when I looked in my closet and was bummed about my current choice of t-shirts and hoodies. Everything was getting torn up, I was bored with what I had and I needed replacements but honestly, I didn’t like anything out there and didn’t really want to wear some other brand.

So… brilliant idea… I decided to launch my own brand. I’ll rock my own t-shirts by golly!

The theme is obvious, basically, black, of course, and all things heavy, death metal, biker, horror, pop culture and lots of dark, gothy-type designs. Whatever I am vibing on at the current moment. It’s a place for me to geek out try out new designs, fill my closet with cool shirts and that’s basically it. I’ll be mixing things up a lot and rotating designs in and out, so if you like what I have in the shop, get it while it’s hot.

I hope you enjoy it and I appreciate your feedback.🖤

Click Here to go to this shop.

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